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Turnout this November 7 is projected to be dismal. The Presidential and other key races are running in dead heats. All of this has begun to register with the American public and VIP has been inundated with telephone calls on this subject in the past few days.

So can anything be done in the last days to protect your elections from fraud?


Although VIP still advocates a year-round approach of education and voter roll cleanup, there may still be things you can do as an individual or organization to prevent election fraud in your polling place or jurisdiction. Please keep in mind that election laws, administration and voting systems differ in each jurisdiction, so check first with your local election office.

  1. VOTE! The biggest contributor to election fraud is low voter turnout. Every election sees an occasional stolen vote. But when turnout is low it only takes a few votes to steal an election! So if you are a qualified legally registered voter, PLEASE VOTE!

  2. VOLUNTEER TO BE AN ELECTION OFFICIAL! The important jobs of administering elections go begging in most jurisdictions every election cycle. These are the good citizens who volunteer to be trained and work on behalf of the Election Division in your jurisdiction. Often times you will even be compensated (though minimally) for your time. Such individuals are in the best position to keep elections clean.

  3. VOLUNTEER TO BE A PARTY OR CAMPAIGN POLL WATCHER! Each jurisdiction has its own procedures and rules which must be strictly adhered to in order to qualify to be a party or campaign poll watcher! The most important function of such volunteers is to watch and document any activity which violates election law. Although VIP advocates thoroughly training and specially equipping such volunteers to be truly effective, often times their mere presence can be a deterrant to polling place fraud.

  4. MONITOR ABSENTEE BALLOTS. It may not be too late to monitor absentee ballot activity against voter rolls to detect potential fraud. Some jurisdictions have begun requiring bi-partisan pairs of election workers to monitor the execution of absentee ballots in nursing and personal care homes. So there is another opportunity volunteer.

  5. DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT! If you are anticipating problems in your jurisdiction, please instruct your volunteers to document all instances. Note time, place, names of individuals if at all possible. Use the chain of authority in place to report problems report first to the precinct election official in charge; then to the election supervisor; then to the election board; then to the secretary of state; and then to the district attorney.

  6. CALL VIP'S TOLL-FREE ELECTION FRAUD HOTLINE 888-578-4343! We will have experts available to help answer your questions.

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