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There is a dangerous new wrinkle out there in the vote fraud world -- Thanks to the Internet, you can now put your vote up for auction -- or if you are on the other side of this fraudulent and felonious scheme -- you can buy blocks of votes in jurisdictions where your candidate or party may need them!

Click here: Close Vote? You Can Bid on It

I have not been successful in accessing the actual VOTEAUCTION website -- perhaps officials have already shut it down -- but to me it raises the level cynicism about elections to new and dangerous heights. Rather than performing some perverted public service by raising new legal issues about the vote -- the perpetrators of the website and all their cynical participants are engaging in illegal activity which could become tantamount to a bloodless coup. Imagine if there were widespread unfettered participation in this site -- then the presidential race truly would go to the highest bidder!

This website is an INSULT to every American who has ever fought to protect our freedom or for the right to vote in America!

I hope that prosecutors in all fifty states -- not to mention the U.S. Congress -- will act immediately not only to shut this obscenity down -- but to fully prosecute all of those involved.

Deborah M Phillips
Chairman and President

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