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Party Identification on Ballot

  • 1/27/00 Times-Dispatch editorial: A strong endorsement for party identification.*

Secure Voting?

Election Fallout

  • 11/3/99 Virginia-Pilot article: Machine malfunction in Norfolk leads to recount. *

Other News

In Loudoun County, an audit has nabbed 15 felons who lied about their criminal records on their voting registration forms. This is what can happen when voting registration records are compared with other available records. Although the numbers may be less than initially thought, they are still large enough to tip elections. Remember that in one hard fought Virginia legislative race last year, the margin of victory was just 8 votes.

  • 7/14/99 Washington Post article - "15 Indicted in Vote Probe" *

VIP was consulted this year by House of Delegates leadership on election reform issues. VIP Chairman Helen Blackwell and President Deborah Phillips traveled to Richmond at the request of election reform sponsors to testify on the benefits of voter registration by party identification and identification of all candidates' party affiliation on the ballot. The Virginia General Assembly referred a number of election reform bills to a joint House-Senate study committee which will review and make recommendations for the 1999 session.

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