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Fayette County to Purge Voter Rolls

Bravo to Fayette County officials for pushing for a program of voter registration cleanup. VIP President Deborah Phillips urged such a program when she testified before the Fayette County Grand Jury earlier this year. Where there is a will there is a way -- even under Motor Voter!

Allegations of Fraud in Philadelphia

City Council candidate Julie Welker alleges that supporters of her opponent, John Street, voted illegally by crossing district lines to vote in a district in which they did not live.

District Attorney Lynne Abraham has said she will investigate the claims.

  • 10/27/99 Philadelphia Inquirer article: federal judge refuses to ask poll workers to check addresses of voters. *
  • 9/16/99 Philadelphia Inquirer editorial calling for the facts. *
  • 9/15/99 Philadelphia Daily News article: DA will investigate vote fraud. *
  • 9/9/99 Philadelphia Inquirer article about Welker allegations. *

Two Charged with Election Fraud in Alleghany Valley

  • 10/14/99 Full story in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Absentee Ballot Fraud in Fayette County

VIP has been working behind the scenes on this absentee ballot case for two years. On May 1, VIP conducted its Election Integrity Seminar for the citizens of Fayette County. This was followed by the exciting news of indictments being handed down which included former U.S. Congressman Austin Murphy. However, as is typical in election fraud cases, most of the charges have been now been dismissed.

This is why VIP's main mission is pro-active, and focuses on preventing vote fraud in the future through the establishment of poll-watching programs. Recently, VIP President Deborah Phillips returned to Fayette County on two occasions to testify before the Grand Jury on ways the county could defend itself against vote fraud in the future, and to meet with citizens interested in helping to organize a VIP-Fayette County and launch just such a permanent poll watching program.

  • 7/1/99 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: A call for an outside probe. *
  • 5/25/99 Observer-Reporter: A history of the absentee ballot problem in PA.
  • 5/25/99 Herald-Standard: The two year saga that led to the voting fraud arrests.
  • 5/25/99 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Murphy arraigned on fraud charges. *
  • 5/24/99 Associated Press: Former Congressman says charges are political.
  • 5/22/99 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Vote fraud investigation snares former Congressman. *
  • 5/21/99 Herald-Standard: Former Congressman Faces Felony Counts.

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