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Ballot Integrity Makes a Difference

  • 11/20/99 Cleveland Plain Dealer: Mayor recovers title after lost election is attributed to ballot misprint. *

  • (8/30/99): Youngstown, OH -- VIP has filed a "friend of the court" brief in the matter of candidate Rick Durkin's legal contest of the Democratic Primary Election May 4 for Clerk of the Youngstown Municipal Court. Durkin is contesting the election because election officials did not remove from the ballot the name of one of his opponents who withdraw from the election. Because ballots cast for the withdrawn candidate were voided, VIP entered the case.

VIP's brief was filed in association with our Will of the Voters initiative, which encompasses cases where voters' rights are abridged or otherwise circumvented.

The Durkin case was dismissed by the Court of Common Pleas without hearing the merits, and is on an expedited appeal before the Ohio Supreme Court.

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