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Printed June 2, 1997 in The Lakeland Ledger

To The Editor:

I am responding to your article of May 29, 1997 ( "VA Group to Examine Polk Election"). That article contains a presumption by Mr. Larry Sabato that the Voting Integrity Project has a Republican and conservative agenda.

As a member of the National Governing Board of VIP and as a registered Democrat in the State of California whose political philosophy is far from conservative, I take exception to this obvious attempt to marginalize our organization. VIP is a non-partisan citizens coalition with members and field representatives from all political persuasions. In order to become a VIP field representative or board member, an individual must agree not to publicly endorse political candidates and ostensibly take a vow of public neutrality.

More importantly, our state projects and investigations have targeted Democrats, Republicans, and third party candidates alike. History has shown us that voter fraud lurks on all sides of the fence and we have made it our mission to uncover this dirty secret and clean up American politics. Since we have sent Mr. Sabato courtesy copies of our newsletter, I am surprised he is not more aware of the truly non-partisan nature of our activities. Mr. Sabato has himself written a book on the pervasive nature of election fraud. We are stunned that he would attempt to dismiss the only national, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to educating and equipping the American public to fight voting fraud.


Board of Governors, The Voting Integrity Project, Inc.

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