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VIP Fraud Investigations

Although VIPs primary mission is to educate and equip American voters to protect the integrity of their elections in their own communities, VIP does conduct investigations of elections from time to time. It is VIPs position, however, that election fraud is very difficult to prove and that pro-active programs designed to prevent election fraud are more productive.

VIP Election Investigations are performed for the sole purpose of determining whether and how election fraud and/or other breaches of election integrity, have occurred. Investigations are performed at no cost to the requesting entity. All investigations are authorized by a vote of the non-partisan VIP Governing Board, utilizing the VIP Election Investigation Protocol.

National Network of Investigators

VIP plans to recruit a national network of retired criminal justice professionals qualified and willing to perform citizen training and lead fraud investigations when needed. If you are a retired criminal justice investigator interested in serving VIPs growing mission, please !

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