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The Arizona Internet Primary

In March of this year, Arizona Democrats held their presidential primary on the Internet.

(3/1/00): VIP is preparing an appeal for filing today in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding yesterday's decision denying the preliminary injunction which we sought to prevent injury to minority voters in Arizona's Democratic primary.

VIP "Trap Door" Protocol [DRAFT]

"Are We Ready for Internet Voting?"
VIP's study of issues related to internet voting
  • Read the paper online.
  • Or call 1-888-578-4343 to request a printed copy.

The VIP - Voting Technology section is designed to provide available public information on election equipment technology and surrounding issues . VIP believes that as voters become knowledgeable about the system in use or proposed for use in their communities, they will increase their ability to protect election integrity in their polling places.

  • "Hacker hits on Pentagon computers up 10% this year" warns article in the December 8th Washington Post, fueling concerns for the security of Internet voting.
  • 1/26/00 The Standard article: "Net Voting Experiment Leaves Alaskans Cold" *
  • 1/24/00 National Public Radio "Talk of the Nation" broadcast on Internet voting issues, featuring VIP President Deborah Phillips. (RealAudio format)
  • 1/19/00 Reuters News: California task force recommends caution with Internet voting.
    • 1/18/00 Report by the California Internet Voting Task Force *
  • 11/15/99 California Aggie article: Internet voting debuts at UC Davis.
  • 11/3/99 CNN News story on internet voting *
  • 11/2/99 Slate article: Obstacles to E-Voting *
  • 8/14/99 New York Times On-The-Web article about paper *
  • 8/12/99 Press Release with highlights from the study

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