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About VIP Programs and Services

VIP offers a number of seminars and services designed to combat voter fraud. The seminars and services we offer are free to the requesting community. As a non-profit organization, we must be careful not to squander our resources, so before agreeing to proceed on a seminar or project we must be reassured that:

(1) The audience/host community that benefits from our service is broad-based and non-partisan (i.e. open to the public at large and well-advertised as such)

(2) That sufficient interest and participation exists to warrant the expense of providing the seminar/service

(3) That there is real need

(4) If a project is requested, that the scope of the project and timetable for implementation is practical

(5) That VIP has sufficient resources, or reasonable expectation of raising sufficient resources, to perform the seminar or project

VIP programs/services are designed to be performed in conjunction with the volunteer services of local citizens. In this way, VIP can hold the cost of its programs and services to at absolute minimum. VIP reserves the right to cancel seminars and/or projects due to lack of interest or resources, or failure of the project or seminar to meet any one of the above criteria at any time in the planning for such program or seminar.

Requests are considered on the basis of timeliness, available personnel and scheduling. Highest priority is given to existing project needs, and especially to delivery of poll watching programs already approved and underway.

Scheduling is important because we have limited personnel to conduct the programs, and the highest priority is given to poll watching programs because they are calendar driven and time sensitive.

VIP Offers the Following Voter Fraud Programs and Services:

(1) VIP Election Integrity Seminar -- This is a two-hour presentation, including a 15 minute video, which gives the audience a solid overview of the history and current issues relating to election integrity. VIP uses the EIS to gauge interest level in a community as a first step in launching a VIP Poll Watching Program

(2) VIP Voter Registration Clean up Program -- In this program, VIP will perform computer matching of a community's voter registration against other selected data bases such as National Change of Address, various marketing data bases, available government data bases, tax records, other jurisdiction voter records, etc. The purpose of the program is to assist a community in identifying voter registration records which should be removed because the registrant is either not qualified or no longer qualified to vote in that jurisdiction. This service is provided automatically as part of a full VIP Poll Watching Program.

(3) VIP Election Investigation -- VIP performs investigations of closed (certified) elections in order to determine if a breach in election integrity has occurred due to failure of administration or actual voter fraud. The results of VIP investigations are either made available to appropriate law enforcement authorities and/or the public, depending upon the circumstances of the matter investigated. VIP uses only trained professional and licensed investigators operating under a strict non-partisan protocol. Investigations may or may not result in issuing of a report and recommendations to the public, depending upon the circumstances.

(4) Litigation -- VIP will bring or participate in legal actions to protect voter rights. It will not bring candidate election contests.

(5) VIP Poll Watching Program -- VIP organizes and trains citizen poll watchers with a unique "fraud-focused" training custom designed for their voting jurisdiction. VIP studies the election law, election administration and equipment used in the community and customizes their basic training manual accordingly. VIP interfaces with local election officials, as well as candidates, to ensure broad based support for its program. The full program may include any or all of the above-listed services. The program is designed to be initiated by VIP, but sustained by the community in accordance with VIP protocol.

To request any VIP service or program, please mail (email inquiries are okay, but requests must be received by snail mail) a letter of request (including name, mailing address and telephone number) to:

Ms Deborah Phillips
The Voting Integrity Project
PO Box 6470
Arlington VA 22206

Information about the requesting individual/organization/community is appreciated, and will directly impact consideration of the request.

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