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The Washington Post reports (12/9) that the US Civil Rights Commission will hold hearings on the Florida situation to determine whether minority voter rights were violated by discrimination.

"Hacker hits on Pentagon computers up 10% this year" warns article in the December 8th Washington Post, fueling concerns for the security of Internet voting.

"Gore Case Spotlights a Trend in Remote Voting", reports the Washington Post (12/4), noting the increase in absentee voting in California and elsewhere.

"Nursing Homes Fumble Ballots" reports the Miami Herald of December 4th.

The Washington Post (11/28) reports on Oregon's vote by mail system, "Vote by Mail Delivered, but it Wasn't Letter Perfect"

Washington's OnPolitics section (11/26) reports on certified totals from Florida recount and how they differ county by county from original count. (comparison of hand count vs. machine)

St. Petersburg Times article (11/17) discusses 1996 Polk County case worth reexamining in the context of this year's elections.

Read the Wall Street Journal editorial Phantom Voters, by John Fund.

Click here to read One Vote Makes A Difference.

Indiana Voter Rolls a Motor Voter Disaster (Indianapolis Star article: "Bogus names jam Indiana's voter list.")