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Statement by VIP on Florida's Voter Roll Problems

Although VIP was unfairly tainted by early reports of these problems (in both the Palm Beach Post and, the complaints of legitimate voters being knocked off voter rolls DO have legitimacy and demonstrate just how difficult it is for Election Directors to have clean voter rolls in an environment where there are no tools available to them. Although VIP strongly believes that states and localities must retain control over how elections are conducted, there are things that the federal government could facilitate that would help the problem immensely, and protect voters both from fraud and unlawful disenfranchisement.

This is why VIP advocates:

(1) All public records should be stored using a uniform format

(2) There is need for a central "hub" through which voter registrations would pass to facilitate removal of duplicate records from other states

(3) There is need for uniform voter rights restoration for former felons who have completed their sentences, parole, and made restitution.

If Florida has problems after spending $4 million, how can we expect small counties to get it right?

One important function of the proposed new commission which would be created by the McConnell-Torricelli Election Reform Act of 2000 should be to address these issues.

Click here to read the Palm Beach Post article on this topic.