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December 8, 2000

22 4th Street, 16th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Dear Sir or Madame:

I am writing in response to an article by Anthony York appearing today in under the heading "Eliminating fraud or Democrats?"

Mr. York's article contains numerous false statements likely to cause substantial injury to the reputation of The Voting Integrity Project ("VIP") for integrity and fairness. On behalf of VIP, I demand that apologize and retract these false statements immediately and in a detailed and prominent manner.

The first falsehood is that VIP "often allies with Republicans on voter-roll cleanup efforts." To the contrary, VIP's efforts have been entirely fair, objective and non-partisan.

The second falsehood is that VIP gave an award to ChoicePoint for its work on voter rolls in Florida. VIP gave an award to Database Technologies, which has since been acquired by ChoicePoint, for Datebase Technologies's data-matching work on the Florida voter rolls following the demonstrated, widespread irregularities that led to the judicial reversal of the outcome in the 1997 Miami mayoral election and the state legislature's mandate to clean up the state's voter rolls.

The third false statement is that Helen Blackwell founded VIP. VIP was founded by myself. Ms. Blackwell serves on the VIP governing board along with Democrats, Independents and members of minor parties.

The fourth false statement is that VIP sent a team of investigators into Orange County, California to pursue the claims of former U.S. Representative Robert Dornan that voting irregularities affected the outcome of the 1996 election in which he was defeated. VIP was never involved in any investigation of that election and has never involved itself in any candidate election contest or investigation at the request of, or on behalf of, any candidates. VIP did receive two requests to participate in an investigation of the Sanchez-Dornan election, but rejected both.

Finally, Mr. York's article reflects a serious lack of balance and objectivity. His frequent resort to innuendo, his omission of any reference to the party affiliation of VIP Advisory Board member John Seibel (a Democrat) or the VIP affiliation of Jenni Gainsborough, and his failure to put other statements in proper context combine to demonstrate an obvious bias against VIP. The organization's involvement in Florida, Louisiana, Fayette County, Pa. and Atlantic Beach, N.C. was prompted by extraordinary evidence of pervasive voting irregularities. These projects were not chosen for any partisan reasons.

Because has attacked VIP repeatedly and without care for the accuracy of those attacks, the conclusion is unavoidable that, is intent on damaging VIP's reputation and ability to function effectively.

Unless takes appropriate action immediately to cure the injury it has caused VIP, I will direct VIP's lawyers to take prompt action against

Very truly yours,

Deborah M Phillips
Chairman and President

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