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Archives article:
Voting Integrity Project President Challenges to retract recent "hatchet job" (12/8) article rife with deliberate fabrications and distortions about VIP, clearly intended to discredit our work.

The Voting Integrity Project is truly non-partisan and only studies elections or performs litigation to preserve voter rights -- never to benefit a candidate or political party. VIP Chairman Deborah Phillips sets the record straight and demands a retraction.

VIP Press Release

Letter to Salon

Read VIP's statement on Florida's voter rolls problems and read the Palm Beach Post article on this topic

Salon issues partial retraction (12/12/2000)

View Archived Voting Integrity Project Conference Website: featuring keynote speaker former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder, FECcommissioner David Mason, leading election law experts, and representatives of both major and several minor political parties.

VIP in the News:

Read Is Internet voting fair?
by Deborah Phillips on the
Network World Fusion Website.

Read Is Internet Voting Safe? by Deborah Phillips and David Jefferson

"Going, Going... Gone!" Click here to read Deborah Phillips' response to the Wired News article, "Close Vote? You Can Bid on It"

Click to hear the debate between Mark Fleischer, Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, and Deborah Phillips of the Voting Integrity Project on the issue of Internet Voting.

VIP Releases Report on Pilot Voter Registration Cleanup Program:
Read the Press Release
View the Report
Atlantic Beach Article

Early Voting: VIP President Speaks Out
Detroit News op-ed article by VIP President Deborah Phillips.

Pearsall-Stipek Violated Law, Judge Rules; PUBLIC ACCESS CASE: Related defamation judgment thrown out. Click here to read the article:

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