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What is a VIP Field Representative?

VIP Field Representatives are citizens from all walks of life who are concerned with voting integrity, have some amount of time to commit to our organization, and are willing to abide by the protocols and rules of the organization in advancing this important cause.

The geographic territory covered by a Field Rep may be as small as their own community, or as large as a multi-state territory. For many states, we may need multiple Field Reps, and will designate one as the State Field Representative. The State Representative will coordinate efforts within the state. In states where a project has been defined, the State Representative will work with (or may assume the role of) a State Chairman or Project Executive Director.

VIP Field and State Representatives are VIP Nationals eyes and ears regarding election law and policy in a given area. This may involve any or all of the following activities:

  • Monitoring election activities in your area for news of how elections are conducted; proposed changes in election law and policy; and allegations of election fraud and abuse.
  • Monitor press in your area for articles of interest and copy them to VIP National, noting the publication, date and page where the article appeared.
  • Liaison with political party leadership, election officials, and other community activists in your area. Let every candidate in your area know who you represent and that they can call on us if there are problems.
  • Develop a grass roots organization of volunteers and others who support VIP goals and interests. Be sure to feed names & addresses of all those interested in VIP to VIP National for inclusion on our mailing list.
  • Identify potential major donors and give that information to VIP for follow-up.
  • Attend community events and distribute official VIP literature, or speak about our organization.
  • Recommend potential state projects to VIP National.

Interested in becoming a VIP Field Representative? Get Involved!

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