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Voting Technology: Arizona judge denies injunction against Internet election; VIP decides not to appeal: Follow the Links Below to Track this Story:
(3/19/00): On Line Balloting - a Question of Fairness.
(3/16/00): Read Jim Ledbetter's editorial in Slate:
"'Virtual Voting' Faces Real-World Concerns"
(3/3/00): VIP decides not to appeal; will continue to fight (
VIP Press Release)
(3/1/00): Judge denies injunction against Internet election.
(3/1/00): Arizona Republic article -- Judge says "I suspect there is a digitial divide that may well result in racial discrimination."
(1/24/00): NPR Talk of the Nation broadcast featuring VIP President Deborah Phillips.
(1/21/00): Internet election is not fair to all voters, according to VIP suit.
VIP Press Release
VIP Legal Filing

Pulitzer Prize Awarded to Miami Herald for Vote Fraud Investigation

(4/12/99): "[This is] what newspapers are supposed to do!" - Executive Editor Douglas Clifton

Victory in important U.S. Supreme Court case
(1/20/00): VIP's amicus brief may have helped rightfully seat Democrat Gutierrez as Governor of Guam after lawsuit over improperly marked ballots.

North Carolina:
Councilman Pleads Guilty on Absentee Ballot Charge
(8/6/99): Carteret County News-Times article.

Ballot Misprint Wins Mayor Her Job Back
(11/20/99): Ballot analysis reveals that 103 votes went to her rival.

VIP Is Heard in Appeals Court
9/9/99: Oregonian article highlights the controversy of VIP's stand against early voting.

LATEST: Allegheny County Pennsylvania Begins to Make Changes in Election Department - Read the Transition Team Report
Also, "Elections Division Needs New Technology" (
Read the article)

Bravo to Fayette County for Making Voter Roll Integrity a Priority
(11/19/99): Grand jury report delivered to commissioners.
(11/19/99): Fayette County to purge voter rolls of deadwood.
(10/27/99): Judge in Philadelphia refuses to have voters' addresses checked at polls.
(10/14/99): Two charged in election fraud in Alleghany Valley; story in Post-Gazette

VIP Lawsuit to End Early Voting Will Be Appealed
(8/18/99): A judge denies VIP's case against early voting.
1/25/99 VIP Press Release: VIP files federal lawsuit to stop early voting in Texas federal elections.

The need for party identification on ballots; also, voter identification at polls
(1/27/00): Richmond Time-Dispatch editorial in favor of party identification.
(1/19/00): Republicans move the bill to Senate floor.
(1/14/00): A bill is introduced once more before the Assembly which would require voters to show identification at the polls.

Washington, DC:
Judge Rules Citizens' Votes Must Be Counted
(9/17/99): Victory for VIP -- amicus brief can make a difference

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