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VIP Election Investigation Protocol

1. The investigation must be requested in writing by a former candidate or citizens group. Political parties do not qualify.

2. There should be credible evidence already in hand that election fraud or serious breach of election integrity has occurred.

3. There must be substantial fraud or breach of election integrity alleged.

4. No official investigation (Secretary of State, FBI, etc.) is currently underway or announced. [VIP will not necessarily, however, suspend an investigation if an official investigation is announced during the course of its investigation. It will, however, cooperate with any official investigation, by sharing all evidence it gathers.]

5. No contributions will be accepted by any former candidate or political party.

6. VIP will not contest elections involving political candidates. However, referenda elections may be contested, if serious breach of integrity is involved. VIP will, however, make its findings public and if warranted, call for further official investigation.

7. Individuals and requesting organizations must understand that VIP will issue its report based upon its findings. If the findings conclude that no fraud was apparent, that is what VIP will report.

8. VIP utilizes only professional investigative personnel, operating under contract, for its investigations.

9. VIP will set the parameters of its investigation and its goals prior to commencement of its investigation.

10. A full investigation will also include a check on the credentials of all requestor parties.

11. VIP will make all of its findings known to the public at the completion of its investigation.

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