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VIP Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board is constantly under construction and consists of an indeterminate number of members sufficient to advise the Governing Board on all matters relating to election law and policy, voting fraud, and related legal and public policy issues. The National Advisory Board also assists the Governing Board in other matters of administration, such as public relations and fund raising, as well as recommends state projects.

There are ten members of the Advisory Board who have been approved.

Advisory Board Members
  • Bob Bartlesmeyer
  • Lorrie Faith Cranor, New Jersey
  • Paul DeGregorio, Missouri
  • Veronica DiConti, Virginia
  • Jenni Gainsborough, District of Columbia
  • Ann Hamilton
  • James Meredith, Mississippi
  • Joseph Peña, Texas
  • John Seibel, Maryland
  • Mark Spradley, Maryland
  • Hans A. von Spakovsky, Georgia

It is the desire of the VIP to build a National Advisory Board which is truly reflective of the political diversity of the American voting public. If you would like to nominate a candidate for consideration, please forward a curriculum vitae to and be sure to include contact information for the candidate.


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