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VIP Is The Only National, Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Voter Rights And Election Integrity Issues. To Learn More About VIP, Its Leadership And Membership, Click Here.

On December 5, Senate Rules Committee Chair Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and leading Committee member Sen. Bob Torricelli (D-NJ) introduced the Election Reform Act of 2000. VIP President Deborah Phillips was on hand at the press conference to add VIP's support for this important bipartisan legislation to set up a study commission. Click HERE for more information.

Read Deborah Phillips' paper presented to the Democracy Online Project of the George Washington University titled Setting the Standard for Election Integrity.

Election 2000 and the ensuing controversy in Florida have focused public attention on the need to combat voting fraud while ensuring that no qualified voters are disenfranchised, the need for an accurate counting of votes, and the deficiencies in "motor voter" -- all issues on which VIP has been seeking to raise awareness since we were first founded.

Below are links to recent articles on the various problems encountered in Election 2000, some of which quote VIP.

LA Times article(12/11) "A Modern Democracy that can't count votes." Excerpt: "Because ballots can be bought, stolen, miscounted, lost, thrown out or sent to Denmark, nobody knows with any precision how many votes go uncounted in American elections."

Norm Ornstein's opinion editorial in The Washington Post (11/26) makes a good case against no fault absentee voting.

The Washington Post reports (12/9) that the US Civil Rights Commission will hold hearings on the Florida situation to determine whether minority voter rights were violated by discrimination.

The south Florida Sun-Sentinel reported (11/14) that all vote-counting machines are vulnerable to errors

Newsday reported (11/14) that "motor voter" has, in many cases, kept voters off the electoral rolls: Irony of Ironies -- Motor Voter Law Disenfranchises Many.

VIP Quoted in Harford Courant Article (11/12/00) on Ballot Security Problems, "Not The First Case Of Ballot Box Backlash"

Read the Network World Fusion article by Deborah Phillips: "Is Internet Voting Fair?"

Read the report: "Is Internet Voting Safe?"

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Combat Vote Fraud!
If you observed any activity relative to this year's elections and vote counting process that you feel is questionable, please report it directly to your local election officials and to officials of the political party of your choice.. Then, also send us a report using our online reporting form.

For more information on combatting fraud, click here to read Worried About Fraud on Election Day?.

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Sylvia Magers, founding governor and treasurer of The Voting Integrity Project, died of cancer in November. Sylvia will be badly missed by all who knew and loved her.

The Voting Integrity Project has named its young voter outreach program in her honor and dedicate new resources to the program.

Click here to read our memorial tribute to Sylvia and for more information on The Sylvia Magers Young Voter Outreach Program

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